1. Hand off passes with remaining value.

For example, if you’ve bought a transport pass and it still has a day or two remaining. This could also apply to any other type of unlimited pass e.g., if you’re done with your museum pass, hand it to someone waiting in line for entry as you exit your last museum.

2. Leave your guidebook.

If you use a guidebook, give it to an arriving traveler as you’re leaving your destination or donate it to your hostels’ bookshelf.

3. Give away your airport luggage trolley.

If you have to pay for a trolley at the airport, instead of returning it, give it to someone who looks like they need it.

4. Help someone who is struggling upstairs with bags.

If you see someone blocking the subway steps because they’re struggling with luggage or a stroller, offer them a hand. It’s pretty easy to offer to grab one end of a bag or stroller and make life easier for someone.

5. Leave something useful on the “free food” shelf at hostels or at an under-equipped AirBnB rental.

For example, if you buy some salt and pepper, leave it at the location.

6. Tell people who are paying full price about discounts codes.

This one can be a judgement call. If you see someone who is overpaying and doesn’t look like they’re made of money, consider discretely informing them of the way you found to get a better deal. For course you don’t want to make someone feel like an idiot if they’re already paid for something. The decision about whether or not to tell someone about a discount code requires a case by case decision and some tact. The last time I did this was when I saw someone enter a rental car location to make a query about the price. I was able to mention to him when I saw him outside how to get a much better deal online.

7. Offer a ride.

For example, if you’re getting a cab to the airport and someone at your hostel or hotel also appears to be headed for the airport, ask them if they want to share your cab.

Or, if you have a rental car and your hostel mates don’t, ask them if they’d like to be dropped off in the direction you’re going.

8. If you visit somewhere and it’s difficult to find, write better directions.

For example if you visit a restaurant and find the directions difficult, write a review on a Tripadvisor, Happy Cow, Yelp etc and share what would be better directions.

9. Give away unused tickets or coupons.

For example, if you get a coupon for taking a survey after a car rental or hotel stay and know you won’t be using it, offer it up online.

10. Donate orphan air miles.

Gift small amounts of air miles you have hanging around in accounts for airlines you don’t fly regularly. You can sometimes share these with eligible family members or donate them to causes like kids in need. Do this rather than let them expire. Sometimes you might have enough for a short haul flight where you’re able to book someone else a ticket with your unused miles.