I usually take public transportation while traveling but Los Angeles is one place where I splurge on a car rental. Since I’m going to be in Los Angeles for at least a few weeks this trip, it was important to find out where to get the cheapest car rental deal.

Here’s some of the options I found.

1. Firefly

Firefly is the budget arm for Hertz. In LA, they’re located at the back of Thrifty. To find them, you’ll need to take the Thrifty airport shuttle and then walk through the Thrifty building to Firefly at the back of the building. Thrifty and Firefly are in the same building. Weird!

They currently have a deal for $389 for a month, which is insanely great. However it does not come with any insurance, including the minimum liability insurance required by California law. If you’re not covered by other insurance, it’s less of a good deal. Their liability supplement is $13.99 a day, which is actually one of the cheaper rates for this. You’ll also likely need an AMEX if you want to be covered for collision damage for such a long rental.

If you a from outside the US, I believe they will include the California minimum liability insurance for free. Check the rental conditions extremely carefully.

2. Enterprise.

Enterprise offer “month or more” rentals starting around $550, again without insurance.

3. Local companies offering monthly rates.

There are various local companies who will offer monthly rates. These are generally negotiable, so negotiate!!

The beauty of these is that some will include insurance, with a deductible.

The cars may not be as shiny and new as with the majors. There may also be restrictions as to where you can take the car. Some restrict the cars to the Los Angeles metro area only.

- Super Cheap Car rental

These guys offer $199 a week for a car only to be used in the LA Metro area and include insurance. However the limits on the liability insurance are likely to be extremely low.


- Arrow Rent a Car

These folks have a section on their website inviting you to name your rate.

- Rent a Wreck

These folks have several locations. Their Pico Blvd location offers pick up and drop off at the airport.

- Midway and Fox Rent a Car

Two other local options.

4. If you reside outside the US.

If you reside outside the US, book with a UK site to get the insurance included. For example, Thrifty Worldwide have monthly and weekly rates, including insurance with no excess, that work out to around $26 a day ($187 a week or $800 a month). The liability insurance on these I believe is $1 million so you have a LOT more coverage than with some of the cheapie local companies.

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