You don’t have to know too much about Singapore to know that it is quite expensive. As far as the world’s cities go, Singapore is up there when it comes to cost of eating out, accommodation, activities, tourism etc. There’s a reason its so booming and huge, and that’s business, commerce etc. Because of that, you might be slightly worried about what you can find to do there if you’re on a budget. We’re not made of money, are we? The problem is with any expensive city that you don’t want to not to go, and miss out, but you don’t want to bankrupt yourself in the process.

Luckily, Singapore does have a few free activities you can take part in, not least walking around in awe at this huge metropolis.

Here’s ten suggestions to start you off.

Sri Mariamman Temple – This is Singapore’s oldest Hindu Temple and to look at it, you’ll be gobsmacked at the colour and intricate decoration. It’s certainly a camera moment. You can take photos of the exterior and then explore the inside of the complex all for free.

National Museum of Singapore - Not all of the museum is free to visitors, but certain parts are, so head to those! A visit to a museum is always a great way to learn about the place you’re visiting, and if you play your cards right you might time it just right for a free exhibition.

Southern Ridges Trail - It’s always a relief to get out of the city after a few days being totally immersed. Along this walk you’ll reach Henderson Waves, Singapore’s highest bridge, and walking along it will give you views to remember. Take a deep lungful of fresh air as you travel through forest landscape.

East Coast Park – Keeping on the nature tip, just a short distance out of the city will bring you to the coast, and you can kick-back and relax on a beautiful beach. It’s a good idea to go mid-week, to avoid the weekend crowds.

Gillman Barracks – This colonial-style, former army camp has been re-jigged and is now full of galleries to explore. Anyone who loves art will be in their element, but also for what it used to be, with the kind of architecture you’ll be walking through. Quite the treat.

Singapore Botanical Gardens - As old as the hills, and as beautiful as you can imagine. There are free walking tours from time to time, which is a great way to see the sights and find out more about what you’re actually seeing. Sit down and relax too, because as we’ve touched on before, the city will do its best to exhaust you.

Marina Bay - People watching, meandering, taking photos – this is a lovely part of the city, quite modern, yet stylish. You’ll also see the famous Merlion statue, which is basically some sort of lion and fish hybrid, which spits water out – it’s not as horrendous as it sounds, and is quite the tourist attraction! Plenty of photo opportunities around this part of the city too.

MacRitchie Reservoir Treetop Walk – High above the rainforests on the massive suspension bridge you can catch some amazing views. A decent walk, where you’ll get more than your quota of exercise, and completely free!

Baba House – The Peranakan family were a rich and successful dynasty in Singapore, and here (by appointment) you can catch a free tour, which lasts around a hour. You can learn about the history, you can see it for yourself in person.

Singapore Symphony Orchestra – A little bit of culture and entertainment thrown in together, what could be better? Check out the official website, as they do free shows around the city at various times.