Visiting Majorca is not just about sunbathing, enjoying culture, and visiting historical places. Majorca can offer you many unique and funny activities that can make your vacation memorable. Here are some suggestions for fun things that can be done in Majorca.

- Take a trip on Majorca balloons! – This excursion is offered during the whole year, and it is a unique opportunity to see the island of Majorca from sky, and to enjoy sunrise or sunset from another perspective. Hot air ballooning is very characteristic for Majorca, so try not to miss it.

- Visit El Laberinto Maze Fun Park! – This park is originally made for families with children, but it can be a fun experience for adults as well. This park contains several mazes, and every time you enter a one, it can be a challenging and funny to figure out how to get out of it.

- Play a game At Casino De Mallorca! – This is the biggest Casino in Majorca, so prepare some money to play at least one game. If you play smart you may even earn some money,\!

- Enjoy canyoning through the Torrent de Coanegra! – Canyoning is a mix of walking, swimming, jumping, and rappelling, which aim is to descend a canyon. It is a thrilling experience, which will cause an adrenaline rush. If you want experience it, the best months are November and May when river is swollen after heavy rains.

- Visit Jungle Park at Santa Ponsa! – It is the only acrobatic tree circuit in the Balearic Islands placed in 9 hectares forest. Either you want to go there alone, or in a small group it can be very funny experience.

- Experience Paintball Fantasy at Sa Pobla! Whether you are a professional or just a novice, you will enjoy paintball because it is one of the most popular games worldwide. It is a good fun wherever you are, including Majorca!

- Have a BBQ with friends. Many holidaymakers choose a villa break in Majorca because self-catering accommodation gives them the chance to spread out, relax and do their own thing more.

- Visit aqualand Waterpark, S’Arenal. – Visiting aquaparks is always amusing experience, so if you find time go there you will have a nice day. This aquapark has many rides and water adventure that are tailored for more or less brave people. Find suitable ride for yourself, and just enjoy it!

– Karting Magaluf – Karting is one of the most popular motorsports in the world. Karting complex in Magaluf offers several circuits, and it is placed in one of the most popular touristic places in Majorca, so you will surely have fun time if you go there.

- Learn to dive! Visiting Majorca is the perfect opportunity to learn how to dive. There are plenty of schools with educated trainers all around Majorca coast, and they can help you to learn something new, and have good entertainment!

- Enjoy deep fishing! – Deep fishing is unique adventure, and 20 miles from north cost of Majorca is the best area for fishing blue tuna in Mediterranean. If you like this type of adventure, do not miss it!

- Enjoy sailing – If you want to have complete relaxation, and forget your daily obligations, sailing is the perfect choice for you! Find appropriate sailing tour around Majorca for yourself and just chill out at the open sea! Or, if watching the pros sail is more your speed, then World Cup sailing happens in Majorca in April. And who doesn’t love a hunky sailor…. ;p

photo credit: anieto2k via photopin cc