Australia is a vast country which can offer lots of interesting places and stories. Before you start your journey, be aware that it would be impossible to visit all highlights of Australia within limited amount of time. If you have two weeks to spend in Australia, here are some ideas what could you visit and do.

- Sydney and Melbourne if you like cities!– Sydney, as the Australia’s oldest and largest city, and Melbourne are cities that are the best presentation of modern Australia. If you want to spend two weeks there, visit all landmarks (Sydney’s Opera, Yarra River, Blue Mountains, etc.), enjoy sun and beaches, try to meet positive local people, and finally, enjoy unique vibe of these two cities.

- A sailing holiday off the Whitsundays if you enjoy sun and see! Like many people says, Whitsundays are Australia’s sailing paradise, and they can offer visitors wide range of sailing adventures. Whether you like luxurious maxi yachts, modern catamarans, or traditional tall ships, Whitsunday can offer you exceptional two weeks. Sailing through the worldwide famous Whitsundays will give opportunity to visit isolated bays, and to enjoy natural beauties with very few people around you. There is no need to explain how it looks like to experience stunning sunsets over unpopulated islands.

- The grand tour. If you’re going to be attempting to see a lot of Australia you can choose to either rough it via the cheapie bus companies or choose one of the companies offering more upscale tours across Australia. If you really want to see it all, or as much as possible then look at a month long “grand tour” type option.

- Perth and Western Australia beaches near Perth – Perth is a modern town, surrounded by beautiful nature and Indian Ocean, so it can offer you a mix of experiences. Perth’s modern architecture in combination with Sunset coast, and Rottnest Island nearby, is a fantastic destination for 2-weeks vacation. Whether you enjoy scuba diving, surfing, swimming, fishing, or just pure relaxation on beaches, Perth will surely meet your expectations.

- Great Barrier Reef if you enjoy diving and snorkeling! This World Heritage-listed area is the perfect choice if you would like to escape from your day-to-day routines, and experience something unique during 2 weeks.. If you go explore magnificent underwater world of Coral Sea, discover rainforest Daintree, and enjoy paradise beaches with white sand, and stunning nature.

- Alice Springs and Red Center if you want to experience Australian tradition! This part of Australia will surely give you unique and remarkable 2-weeks adventure. It is called “Australian physical and spiritual heart”, and it’s main landmark is worldwide famous big red stone placed in the middle of desert. Sitting at the big red rock and watching changing colors of sky during sunrise, would be a scene you would remember until the end of your life. This place is sacred for the Aboriginal people, and if you go there you will have opportunity to meet local Aborigines, and to learn about their culture, and history. Apart from it, this area offers many other interesting tours, such as riding camels through the desert, visiting several National Parks, and enjoying Aborigine traditional food.

- Great Ocean Road if you enjoy nature, and animals! If you decide to spend 2 weeks is this area, you will definitely have opportunity to meet Australian nature, and wildlife in it’s pure sense. Victoria’s dramatic coastline can offer you natural wonders, such as Twelve Apostles, as well as, opportunity to enjoy surfing, kayaking, and swimming in beautiful see. Be sure that you will not finish your vacation at Great Ocean Road without seeing at least one native animal typical for Australia (koala, kangaroo, emus or waterbirds). Above all, this area offers you variety of typical food and drinks, plus presentation of vibrant Aboriginal culture.