Europe is more expensive than Asia, and a bit more expensive than the US, but if you’ve got your heart set on seeing Europe then it’s worth it to follow that dream. There are some ways to reduce your cost, particularly if you’re prepared to be a bit adventurous and think beyond just hotels and the big cities like Paris.

The OE

If you’re in the right age group or can get an ancestry-based visa, then setting up base camp in the UK for a year (or more if you can swing the visa situation) is a great way to be able to explore Europe. There are some other options available. For example, Germany has a visa that’s available to freelancers and this is a population option with bloggers and location-independent folks (see the second half of the linked article, the first half is about a visa for people who want to be in Germany to learn German). Be prepared to jump through some hoops.

Cheaper countries.

You can find cheap apartment/house rental options in countries like Greece and Croatia. If you fancy living like a local for a few months and using that time to work on a business idea or write that novel you’ve always planned to write, then this option may appeal to you. If you’re a bit more adventurous, then consider countries like Romania. You’ll have a much more authentic Europe experience than any of your friends who just got an AirBNB apartment in Paris for a week.

Housesitting / Petsitting.

Lots of my friends do housesitting. It can be hard to get started because you have to build up references, but once you’ve got experience and have proven yourself to be reliable, it gets increasingly easier to get chosen for desirable positions. Housesitting involves taking care of someone’s home, and almost always pets, while they are away. In exchange you get free accommodation. It can be a great way to travel long term while spending a lot less. Be aware that housesitting could be considered “working” so you may run into some problems if you try and do it on a tourist visa.

Splashing out.

If you want to splurge but without breaking the bank, then pay attention to the dates of events like London’s “restaurant fortnight.” You can get fixed price menus for much cheaper than usual at top restaurants, especially for lunch time dining. If you’re based in London, during the rest of the year, you can save money and still get to dine out by getting a “Taste Card.” The regular price of these is 80 GBP and while it may not sense for you at full price, there are lots of promotions that allow you to get one for far less. The comments on this article will likely be helpful to you in deciding if it’s likely to be good value for you. London life can seem like it involves always using some type of voucher or coupon for everything you buy. You’ll soon get good at this with a bit of effort and sharing intel about the best offers amongst your Facebook friends. Sign up to email alerts with your favorite travel providers to take advantage of sales and last minute deals for your trips abroad.