What do you think of first?

Well, for me it would be the famous bridge, the picture you see on the news on New Year’s Eve, when the strike of midnight heralds fireworks and new year fun.

It’s a pretty impressive, and some would say, romantic sight, don’t you agree?

If you’re visiting Sydney with your guy or girl, there are plenty of activities you can do that reek of romance with a capital R. Here’s a few.

1) Picnic in the Royal Botanic Gardens – With a rather majestic view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it’s no wonder that this is one hell of a popular spot to lay out a blanket, kick-back, relax, eat a few tasty nibbles, a glass of bubbly and enjoy the view with your lover. This is also a very popular spot for popping the question too … just in case you needed a nudge.

2) Check out the view – Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Yes, it’s cliché, yes it’s very touristy, but come on, it has to be done! Sharing this experience is something to behold and that makes it romantic in my opinion. Sharing a cuddle at the top, with the view before you – priceless.

3) Feel the rhythm – Get up close and personal at a salsa club, where the heavy bass-line rhythms are a recipe that inevitably leads to couple time. There are many salsa clubs around the city, where admission is very cheap and in some cases even free, and you could even grab a lesson or two, and have a laugh all at the same time.

4) Starry, starry sky - Night-time visits to the Sydney Observatory are hugely popular. Peace, quiet and the wonder of the universe – very romantic indeed. You have to book spots for evening views, so do this ahead of time.

5) Glamour night out – Head out for a meal, catch a show, then continue with a few cocktails – this is the ultimate glitzy city night out, and a real treat for your other half There are many theatres around, and lots of different shows on offer.

6) Chinatown Night Markets – This would be my choice, something just a little different! Every Friday until around 11pm, you can wander around the markets in Chinatown, with sights, sounds, and just a real vibe in the air. Wander hand in hand and check out the trinkets and souvenirs, grab a snack … fun and romance.

7) Head to the coast – Hire a car and take a romantic drive, just the two of you, to the seaside towns nearby. Buy an ice cream, walk hand in hand along the promenade, it really is the ultimate couples’ day out.

8) Food, glorious food! – This being a city, of course there are many different options for eating out. You can head to a seriously fancy restaurant and do the whole romance thing, or you can grab some street food and do the arm in arm thing. The choice is yours.

9) Sydney Kayaking Tour – This is truly different, and experiences like these are what you’ll remember for years to come. You’ll probably end up with a fit of giggles at some stage throughout the trip too, which come on, is half the fun of romance.

10) The ultimate hideaway – Hermit Place is possibly the prettiest and most romantic spot to head to for a picnic under the stars, or even at sunset. Grab some of your favourite snacks, some wine, and head down to the beach. This area is so quiet, you’ll feel alone with just the two of you. True and utter romance.