Stuff I Eat is a local vegan restaurant, situated in Inglewood, a few miles from LAX airport. I’ve been wanting to try it for a few years and finally made it over there.

They’re open noon till 8pm, and I went for lunch. It’s a lovely restaurant with huge high ceilings, ample tables, and looks EXCEPTIONALLY clean. I was expecting more of a boho, hole in the wall type place but it’s larger and more cleancut than I imagined.

Staff were welcoming and courteous and I was served promptly.

I ordered a half serving of the “nacho salad.” It was really nice. I was asked how spicy I wanted it. I said spicy and it definitely was. I might go with medium next time.

Underneath the salad, there was black beans, nacho chips, and vegan cheesey sauce. Definitely a very nicely balanced meal.

It was tasty and extremely filling for just under $10 including the tax. The mind boggles at what a “full” serving must be like.

Next time I’m keen to try the enchilada pie.

They had 3 vegan deserts available the day I went but none really appealed to me – a peanut butter cheesecake, bread pudding, and pumpkin pie.

I love that they note that they have a “no waste” policy and are therefore happy to make substitutions if you don’t like one of the components of a dish, and that they’re happy to make you a doggy bag.

I walked there from the LAX Motel 6. It took about 40 minutes and felt like a safe walk through a residential neighborhood at lunch time.

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