When travelling, everyone is on the lookout for the best restaurants and coffee shops. Some are interested in trying some of the local food, while others are simply looking for a quiet place where they can enjoy a quick breakfast. However, some might struggle to find a restaurant or café with a vegan or vegetarian menu. Orlando is an exception, as there are many places which cater to both vegans and vegetarians. Here are some restaurants, cafes, and produce markets worth visiting:

1. Ethos Vegan Kitchen (Vegan): This vegan restaurant has several affordable homemade dishes, which include soups, pasta, and pizza. Their main dishes include “Pecan Encrusted Eggplants” and the “BBQ Chickun.” The restaurant also includes dessert and a kids menu, but also alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It is a recommended stop for the budget-conscious traveler.

2. Loving Hut Orlando (Vegan): Loving hut is part of a vegan chain of restaurants, which are individually operated. Focused largely on Vietnamese food, the menu includes soups, salads and, spring rolls, but also rice and noodle-based dishes. Loving Hut also has a Western menu with vegan hamburgers and spaghetti. In addition to this, customers can also attend free vegan cooking classes.

3. Infusion Tea (Vegetarian): Tourists who want to grab a quick breakfast or lunch can enjoy soups, sandwiches, appetizers, and pizza. In addition to this, as the name suggests, an extensive organic tea menu is included. The venue also has several vegan-friendly dishes.

4. The Vegan Hot Dog Cart (Vegan): Located in downtown Orlando, this new venue has a variety of vegan hot dogs to offer. Cajun and chili cheese hot dogs are very popular, but there is also a seasonal hot dog. Hungry customers have over ten toppings to choose from. Drinking options are few, but this hot dog cart is a recommended stop for tourists with a busy sightseeing schedule.

5. Bombay Café (Vegetarian): This is an Indian restaurant with fairly affordable prices, but an extensive menu (there are about ten types of curry dishes on the menu and just as many varieties of bread). Vegan dinning is also possible, though customers must specify any dietary restriction when ordering at the counter.

6. Garden Café (Vegetarian): This vegetarian Chinese restaurant features many dishes with soy meat substitute, but also quick snacks such as sandwiches. Prices are in the low to moderate range, but they usually offer various bargain lunch options. The venue also has some vegan-friendly options.

7. Fresh 24 (Vegan): Fresh 24 is a produce market which sells local and fresh products. Visitors who are renting an apartment in Orlando and plan on cooking their own food should definitely stop by this store.

8. Farmer’s Markets: College Park Farmer’s Market is an afternoon market located right in front of Infusion Tea. Downtown Orlando Farmer’s Market is situated in the heart of Orlando. Both markets are easy accessible and filled with locally harvested produce.

9. Glazed and Infused: This vegan donut company sells their natural products all over Orlando. Glazed and Infused stands can usually be found in farmer’s markets, but they also take special deliveries.

10. Au Naturel Juice and Smoothie Bar: Vegan and vegetarian tourists can also enjoy fresh juices and smoothies from this popular food truck. However, the truck is difficult to find without some research. By checking the event calendar on the official website, tourists will be able to find out where they need to go.