Veggie Grill have updated their menu and I definitely love the new menu.

You can now get a burger and yukon gold fries as standard, rather than the burger coming with their old chili, which I never really liked that much. The fries have paprika on them. I find this delicious but I’m warning you in case you hate paprika. You can also sub sweet potato fries for an extra charge, but I don’t like sweet potato and the yukon fries are great. The serving of fries is the perfect size.

I order the vegan cheeseburger with no cheese and vegan mayo instead of ranch.

I don’t love the ketchup they provide. It’s a standard brand but not Heinz and it seems tasteless to me. That’s basically my only complaint. It could be a $1-2 cheaper for the burgers but I’m prepared to pay that extra to know I’m eating in a 100% vegan environment.

One night they were out of buns so they made my burger as a wrap and that was VERY delicious. Some of the burgers have “can be made as a wrap” listed on the menu.

They have a calorie chart available. Their nachos sound divine but are over 1000 calories. I like their carrot cake with cream cheese frosting but it’s 550 calories and so hard to justify if also eating a burger and fries.

The cheeseburger without the cheese is one of the lowest calorie items on the menu. It’s worth taking a look at the calorie chart as some of their non burger choices have more calories than the burgers. So, if you want a burger, you should just get one!

There’s plenty of parking right outside the door. They shut at 10pm. The Wholefoods that is in the same shopping complex also shuts at 10pm. Coming from NYC, this is an early closing time.

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