This is my only bag. A standard roll of paper towels is placed next to it to show the size.

I am becoming a huge convert to carry on only travel. I am currently taking an open ended trip in the warm south-west US states with only a tiny bag. I will be traveling for at least a month and still only have one very small bag.

The rest of my stuff is in a mini-storage in New York, which is costing me around $40 a month.

Here’s EVERYTHING I’m carrying with me.

Wearing on the plane (I was leaving NYC and it was freezing)

Polar fleece.
Kathmandu Lightweight Jacket.

The above are my warm layers that have been serving me well, even in the polar vortex. The fact that the jacket isn’t very breathable has actually been helping me stay warm.

Singlet top.


- 13 inch Mac Air.

- iphone

- Sennheiser PX-200 headphones (These are great in that they’re VERY small and light. However they’re not very robust and I keep having to claim a warranty replacement every 6 months or so. I don’t think I’ll buy them again for that reason).

- USB car charger for keeping my iphone charged in my rental car.

- My Apple Airport Express and an ethernet cable.

I use cloud storage for backing up my files and photos.


- Underpants 3
- Bras – 1, quick drying.
- 1 spare pair of shorts.
- 2 spare singlet tops.

That’s it!


- Flip flops.
- Swimsuit.


- Travel size toothpaste.
- Travel size Aveeno moisturizer.
- Nail clippers.
- Tooth brush and protective case.
- Travel size deodorant.
- 100ml bottle of medicated shampoo.
- small tube of protein treatment for hair.
- bag containing band aids and wound dressings of various sizes (wound dressings = giant bandaids).
- antibiotics.
- big plastic jar of multivitamins – 6 months worth.
- pads without the box
- razor x 2
- antihistamines
- anti nausea meds
- painkillers
- Scalpel tip (seems to always get through airport security). I have this because I get corns and need to dig them out.

Food related.

- 2 x plate plates from Target.
- 2 x plastic containers which site inside each other. Can be used as a bowl in a pinch or for food storage.
- Rubber bands and bulldog clips for keeping food fresh.
- Small soft cooler bag, which I take as my personal item.
- Plastic cutlery, which I reuse.
- Garlic powder.
- Usually a few sachets of pepper.


- Small Handbag, which fits inside my carry on.
- Money belt, which I’ve been using for YEARS!
- Spare plastic bags – I usually travel with 4-5 of these. Just normal supermarket bags
- Roll of paper towels.
- A cardboard envelope full of some important documents.
- Passport, drivers license, multiple credit and atm cards.
- A pen that I keep in my money belt, for filling in airport forms etc.
- A small plastic bag containing washing powder.