The 30 minutes before you leave for the airport is the ideal time to take stuff OUT of your luggage. I try to always allow this extra time to remove any extra items that have snuck into my bag.

Above is the junk I removed from my purse before my last flight.

Here are 5 types of things you don’t need that you may be able to remove.

1. Extra pens.

I always seem to collect these.

2. Documents/cards with numbers where you could take an iphone photo of the number instead of carrying the document/card.

Set your phone to auto import your photos to Dropbox whenever you plug your phone into your computer. That way you will always have a secure copy of any numbers you need.

For example I took photos of

- A card with a coupon code for a free city bike hire.

- My library cards. I wanted the numbers so I can use the cards for audiobooks while I’m traveling. I didn’t need the physical cards.

- The card with my SIM card’s serial number on it.

3. Extra t-shirts.

I’m not sure why but people always seem to take too many tshirts on trips.

4. Paper.

I used to carry a notebook with me. Now I just use the pads at hotels and take photos of the pieces of paper.
Or, I just type directly into my phone or computer.

5. Duplicates – Things you and your travel companion are both carrying.

For example, you don’t both need an iphone charger. You don’t need two tubes of toothpaste or two bottles of shampoo. You might be able to get away with one deodorant if you can be find a type that works for both of you.

Things it’s ok to add.

I repeat, do NOT add extra tshirts.

You can however add

- a few spare plastic bags.
- a spare hair tie (I often lose mine swimming).
- a few extra bandaids (I also use a ton of these while traveling when though I rarely use them at home).
- a few rubber bands or bulldog clips for keeping food fresh
- nail clippers that have the attachment for cleaning gunk out of your nails (nails get gross while traveling).