This post is written by us, and presented in collaboration with Jaguar.

We’re big fans of having a theme for your trips. It could be anything you like from an Eat, Pray, Love meditation and self discovery trip, visiting the filming locations from one of your favorite films, or a trip aimed at learning a skill or hobby.

You can even just do a themed trip in which you deep dive into the culture of the place you’re going. For example, hire a Vespa in Rome or rent an Jaguar F-type in England. Or, anything James Bond would drive would do. The latter might be appropriate for a “luxury England” theme in which you rent a big country home, play some Croquet, and stop each afternoon for tea and sandwiches. I’m thinking something kinda Downton Abbey themed. Of course, you could also go in another direction like Britain of the 60s and modernism. Since there is so much history in England, picking a period to deep dive into is likely to make it more manageable and meaningful.

It really doesn’t matter what your budget is, what matters is that it’s fun. You can find a trip theme that works for you. You might even pick a historical period related to your theme. For example, a trip to France might be focused on exploring the France of the impressionists. You’d try and see the sights they would’ve seen and experience the food, wine, lodging and modes of transport that would be typical of that era of France. You might even take a painting class in one of the areas where the impressionists lived and worked.

If you can’t afford the plane ticket, you could even do a French or UK themed trip within Australia. For the British option, just rent a British car, start each day off with a full English breakfast and you’ll be off to the right start. Pack some British biscuits and a thermos of tea in your picnic hamper, and eat fish and chips at the seaside (even it’s the Australia seaside, which let’s face it is better than the English version anyway). The current soccer world cup has definitely put me in the mood for something British themed.

A French themed roadtrip would be a lot of fun due to the wine and cheese elements – of course the wine being for the non-drivers. Some ways to get into the spirit if you have a food-orientated theme would be to make sure you eat at the times that locals would eat, that you try using chopsticks if you’re in Asia etc.

All you really need for a themed trip is to get your travelling companions onboard with the idea, decide your budget, and to use your imagination and creativity.

Photo credit: Jrin Creative commons.