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One of my favorite things about eating at vegan restaurants around the world is getting inspired to replicate the dishes at home.

One of the things I’ve been eating this week is a wrap from the vegan chain, Native Foods. They’re listed as the “Saigon Rolls” on the Native Foods menu. I’m writing down the details here so I can remember what was in it so I can make it later….

Wholewheat wrap, served on a bed of lettuce.

Stuffed with:

Lemongrass infused tofu, with a hint of ginger. Thinly sliced.
Pickled Carrot and Daikon
Raw red pepper, diced small.
Black and white sesame seeds.
Some type of dark leaf green.
Short grain brown rice.

Served with pale colored, peanut sauce. Seems like peanut sauce thinned with coconut milk with more ginger in it. The peanut sauce flavor kinda of overpowered the other flavors so I think I preferred eating the rolls without the sauce.

These wraps are sooo good. They only have them in an appetizer size and are tiny. When I make them, I’m going to make them in a bigger size. They’re super healthy but they’re not quite enough for dinner so I keep ordering fries with them, which really defeats the healthfulness!

Do you make dishes you’ve eaten at restaurants during your travels?